Across the nation, housing needs are increasing, keeping New Jersey’s consulting engineers as busy as ever! In order to house all the individuals and families in our state, we need new housing—and many areas need it fast. Should you hire just any construction team to build your residential low-rise, or should you choose a high-performing team of consulting engineers with a long history of experience? Keep reading to see how to make your next housing project the best it can be.

All About The Height—What Defines Low-rise Housing in NJ?

Multifamily housing is typically divided into three categories—low-rise, midrise, and high-rise. Low-rise housing is generally 4 stories or fewer, often without elevators, and are also known as “walk-up” or “garden level” apartment. These units promote a small, community feel, and increase in popularity in suburban areas. Compared to higher buildings, they don’t offer as much of a view, especially if there is competition for the skyline. On the other hand, many suburban neighborhoods limit development of midrise and high-rise buildings—those that reach up to 12 stories for midrise, and “to the sky” for high-rise.

Why a Full-Service M/E/P Consulting Engineering Firm Makes Planning Easier

When project managers work with the team at LKU Group in Elmwood Park, they can enjoy full-service design, including mechanical, engineering, and plumbing design. You won’t have to juggle a variety of different consulting and engineering firms—our team handles it all. Beyond the logistical benefits, this ensures that your design will work seamlessly together, ensuring your new or remodeled lowrise housing project will function exactly as planned.

Build-In Sustainability With LEED® Certified Projects from NJ’s Consulting Engineers

Would sustainability attract more buyers or tenants for your low-rise housing development? Many people are more attentive to sustainable certifications, such as LEED certification, than ever before. That’s why you need a team of consulting engineers skilled in sustainable design. Our team can help you build better for the future with sustainable low-rise housing development.

If you’re planning new low-rise housing in NJ, PA, NY, or CT, the consulting engineers at LKU Group are ready to help. Call our team today to start planning your project.