If you’ve worked on a big construction project in NJ, you may have worked with a consulting engineer. But do you really know what these skilled construction professionals do? Keep reading to find out more!

What does a Consulting Engineer in NJ Do?
Consulting engineers in NJ are experts in design, planning, and construction. We work in both the private and public sectors, and make it our goal to address the whole community with our construction projects. For example, consulting engineers may address the safety of a structure, the sustainability of the community, and the most efficient way to build safely. Many consulting engineers have backgrounds in other engineering fields, like civil engineering, structural engineering, electrical engineering, or mechanical engineering. Since we have a wide variety of expertise, we can assist on many different projects.

A Typical Day in a NJ Consulting Engineer’s Life
At LKU Group, our team of consulting engineers does all sorts of work! Of course, our engineers complete many traditional engineering design services, including plumbing and fire protection, HVAC, and electrical design. We also love to focus on sustainability, integrating sustainable design into your structure from the ground up. Our team of engineers in NJ can work with you, and with your community, to develop the best engineering solutions for your industry’s needs.
What Projects Would a Consulting Engineer Work On?
Our team has handled many engineering projects across disciplines. We have built classrooms and housing for academic institutions, designed and engineered new hospitals and urgent care centers in NJ, and have designed, engineered, and overseen construction of many different apartments and multi-family units, including both low-rise and high-rise.

Should you hire a consulting engineer to work on your next project? If so, look for a high-quality, tried-and-true consulting engineering firm like LKU to assist. We’ve helped so many project managers get the perfect design for their needs and we can build you up just as strong.